Why Students Hate Going School? – Remedies Which Works From Day 1

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“Waking up early for school is just not cool,” It always strikes in almost every student’s mind. Some students like school just for the moment they get to spend some time with their friends or else they might be sports lovers but in rarest case anyone who says- I love school just for studying there. Huh, that’s unheard, I bet. Besides all it’s a fact that you have to go to school it doesn’t matter how much you dislike it, as it is important to have education and discipline learning which school makes you learn that.

Apart from this fact, some students take this thought so strongly, which is not right, what makes them feel so terrible about the school going?

Let’s take a small reality check and find the top reason students hate school and what steps should be taken to resolve them.

  1. Reason to Students dislike or hate going school
    1. Bullied
    2. Homework
    3. Morning Wakeup routine
    4. Math
    5. No free time
  2. Remedies: How to tackle these children disliking attitude and motivate them?
    1. What to-do list
      1. Try to communicate
      2. Show your full trust
      3. Allow them to act
      4. Keep a check on activities
      5. Discuss with Teacher
      6. Try expert counseling
      7. Try online education
    2. What not to do list
      1. Don’t act harshly
      2. Don’t use Threats
      3. Try not to lecture
      4. Avoid pressuring them


1. Reason to Students dislike or hate going school


Students get bullied at school, and it might be a severe reason which adversely affects the mental health of students. It’s a difficult situation to tackle by themselves. Getting isolated by the students in class creates thought to escape forever from everybody’s eyes and never come again.


Just learning about subjects in classrooms is not enough, accomplishing homework almost of every subject is necessary. Sometimes students get bored with these patterns of homework system find it useless. It engaged the whole time of students to keep on thinking about homework.

Morning Wakeup routine

School routine starts with early morning, and being a student in the past, I love my sleep, and waking up early for school is probably feel a punishment sometimes. Most of the hated reasons for not going to school and even remembering the whole dull day feel like hell.


Math is the subject that has the most hated or most loved subject tag. The ratio of dislike might be high in school students as they find it tough and even boring useless subjects. I mean essential is fine, but the use of algebra and trigonometry in real life is the though back in every student’s mind.


No free time

“Only Work- No Play” makes Jack a dull boy. There is the old line and fits into the student’s life. School hours are 6-8 hours, but class works, projects, and other stuff like extra classes, sports classes, or other co-curricular activities engage students a whole day and get tired and the day off.

There are other various reasons like;

  • Dress code which makes looks similar
  • Heavy school bag
  • No friends circle
  • Regular tests

Here are the main reasons which bother students and hate to go school, some of the problems need proper attention and action like bullying and behaviors of not gelling with others in class might something bothering them mentally and may turn to severe issues.


Remedies: How to tackle these children disliking attitude and motivate them?

School denial is a common attribute; expression fear, anxiety, the irritating and robust reaction on the action of not going school is the sign of dissent. What should parents address this sort of situation to tackle these, just have a look of various ways to resolve these:

What to-do list:

Try to communicate

There is nothing better than talking with your child and letting them speak their heart out. Children need to speak out their real feeling, and for that, you have to create a non-judgmental comfort environment. Maybe they even confused about choosing words of their exact emotions to spill out; you have to observe and understand it. This can only be done by those who thoroughly understand their gesture or read their mind out.

Show your full trust

Your child’s full faith makes them believe that it’s good to share with someone who is not going to judge them or make them wrong. Just ask them nicely what they feel, and every single word can hint you the reason for denial.

Allow them to act

Every child has a perception that whatever may be the case, decisions always come from the parent side. Hence, they hesitate to share anything as they know nothing will change if they even speak what bothering. If they have an entitlement to act as they wish to, in such case, they might share, and you can take a chance to discuss and propose ideas, strategies but all are in control of their hands.

Keep a check on activities

Take a proper test on the behavior and routine of your child. If anything seems unusual, you should talk to them or go for outside help.

Discuss with Teacher

Your child reacts or behaves awkwardly just in case of school going, so you must consult their teacher and ask about this and try to find the reason.

Try expert counseling

This is something serious, but necessary to take. When it comes to bully or stress, depression, or any medical issues, it’s been difficult for them to react and convey what they are going through. This situation can impact for a more extended period and left unattended; trust me, it’s miserable. Counseling can do wonder, and even experts know how to handle these symptoms and resolve the issue.

Try online education

Online learning can balance the gap of time lapses from school education. The focus should be on child mental health; education can find out with any medium; it’s a digital era after all. IF your child seems okay and interested to join online tutoring, then education is not the reason for the issue. It might be bullying, school environment, lack of friends, and many more.

What not to do list:

Don’t act harshly

Generally, parents do think that might be their child is acting to escape studies; there is nothing serious. Yeah, this can be true, but it won’t be forever, and children can’t work for a longer time. Just to expose their truth, you can’t get harsh on them and restrict on things like no play hours, no games, etc., it can build a perception of sharing fact can even draw more restrictions. You just have to be patient and try to observe them.

Don’t use Threats

Using threat weapons won’t always work and won’t work for a more extended period. Being friendly and understanding them is the key to all problems locks. Threats can adversely affect the child’s mindset; even it may turn them more rebellious later.

Try not to lecture

Mindset of the teen is not that matured to understand logical in some cases, especially when they hate something. They need someone on their side to understand their emotions, and even not to judge them does not matter how silly the thought maybe.

Avoid pressuring them

Parenting is something that requires indefinite patience and understanding towards your child. No one knows and understand better than you, make them feel relaxed, secure, and try to involve them in their stuff or lighten them up from any stress. Provide them space, but don’t let them feel alone and isolated.

In conclusion, don’t expect a miracle happen overnight; therefore, you need to be patient and positive towards the situation. Education is important, but mental health is more important to live life in joy. Explore the strategies mentioned above, trace the reason, and tackle it with ease; panicking is not the solution.

Frequently Asked Question

Que. 1) Why students hate school?

Ans. 1) A survey revealed that approximately three-quarters of high school students are stressed and disinterested in the school curriculum. Students hate going to school because of:
Due to getting bullied or facing bullying by the class students.
Bombarded with homework which doesn’t excite them or motivate them
Due to tough subjects like math, history, English, etc.
Waking up early morning for school.
Lack of friends with the same mind frame or feel isolated.
Same dress code.
Worrying all time about school work, projects, homework, and other curricular activities took all time.
These are the core reason which makes them dislike or hate school.

Que. 2) What to do when your child refuses to go to school?

Ans. 2) Here are five steps you can take to tackle your child’s refusal to go to school.
Try to communicate and ask them in a friendly way about the reason.
Just hear them out without being judgmental or reacting aggressively.
Try to get involved with them in their schedule and trace out the unusual behavior.
Consult teachers and find out the apparent reason related to the school environment.
In a clueless situation, consult the counselor who is expert and experienced to handle child issues well.

Que. 3) Why do students have a lack of interest in school?

Que. 3) A student has a perception that school education has no resemblance Loads of bag and burden of homework de-motivate them; they don’t find any use of doing piles of homework. The teacher sometimes finishes their job and went off of class. They even don’t care about how a child reacting to a particular thing. Proper care can address this situation in the initial stages and solve them then and there only. Time flies and thinking of generation even evolving day by day, so there is a need to update the education system, an old technique not being impressive and motivating in the internet generation.

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