How COVID-19 pandemic break the education system in 1.2 months?

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Covid-19 is the most enthralling, or one of the most visibly top trending topics of this century.

This pandemic has affected the world in many ways, which we individuals could not have even imagined. 

With an incoming of this pandemic, the definition of life changed for everyone. Schools, industries, parks, jobs, and varied sports, including baseball & soccer.

(P.S. – We love baseball & soccer, do you?) 

If we all have observed the business, parks, jobs, sports, all of them are quite back in place; what is left out in the pack is schools or education.

It has been around 6 months that the students are bereaved of primary education. 

Education system – present situation

Due to the daily increase in the numbers, schools are skeptical of opening the campus; this makes sense also when one brings into picture the individual cases witnessed. 

The rise in the number of patients turns out to be nothing but scary.

Well, politically, perfect!

The pandemic has affected the education system very seriously, including schools and lots of other sectors. Most important are food providing canteens, water providers, childcare, healthcare, housing, disability services, and many more.

After seeking a worldwide pandemic, the Government came out with well-defined non-pharmaceutical measures like social distancing. 

Eye Opener – Once, when school operations were commenced in between after the epidemic was undoubtedly in control, social distancing, sanitization, and every precaution were taken care of; still, this pandemic was quite clear that it cannot be doomed. 

And this caused a large number of students with their disastrous and unwilling hand over to the plague. To the response of which, the schools were again closed. 

Not to forget the new arrival of its undoubtedly famous asymptomatic whereabouts, this pandemic is causing a massive threat to the community.

Everyone around is afraid of going out of their houses, which broke universities’ education systems in the United States and worldwide.

Everything above is correct, except now let’s move on to the bigger side, and find out the real challenges being faced by the Universities and students in the United States of America and worldwide.

1. The education system and logistical barriers

Students across the world travel around to different countries to acquire a good higher education. They pursue an education in other countries, but they stay on the campuses built within universities.

Due to the Corona virus pandemic around, this was one of a significant change. Seizing away, the only accommodation students had been a distressing sign brought together. 

Students genuinely faced a compulsion with packing their things as soon as possible and board a flight to return to their homes.

Not only this, slowly, but the travel restrictions also sprang, and there was utterly no scope left for students to come back to their home countries for as of like 4 months.

We can only imagine – how difficult would this have been to manage? With all of the other requirements popping out, such as hunger, thirst, and other necessities to contemplate?


2. Online Education and Transfers

Online education is the new normal for students who are willing to study and have a sure way to attend classes online. 

What about the students who are not privileged enough to learn online, or what about the universities who could not provide them the education online? 

What about the subjects which do require practical’s to be a part of the explanation? 

They can’t be conducted online.

Well, nobody thought about them!

Moreover, the online examination took the education system to stall, it is not that examination never uses to happen online earlier, but this year students were forced to appear online. 

According to the study, many students were deprived of the small requirements to look forward. The most likely were the laptop, books, the stationery, the WIFI, the servers, etc. Most importantly, the questions they wanted to ask professors.

Highly unapproved, though!


3. Job Prospects

Final year students in universities or schools majorly consider their last year’s education as the most suitable one acknowledging the jobs they can apply for after completing the school.

But as of now, hardly any campus recruitment are taking place, its recession, and students in their final year are under the coercion of a significant hazard facing every problem they can think of.

Is it so easy to be jobless?

No, it is not; it takes a lot to survive with a family and bank installments and other responsibilities that require attention.

Recession striking after a pandemic is just as bad as torturing someone with a 3rd degree. 

And another biggest challenge is not holding adequate experience, as, without that, no one will hire people! 

Maybe, that’s where campus placements are essential, especially for a beginner.

4. Financial Outlook

Granted, it’s a tough year, and the education system has collapsed! 

It cannot be just confined to the students, but Universities as infrastructure have also lost a lot.

With all the students returned or not returned but not on campus, universities themselves face a substantial financial situation to be kept in mind with the campus being closed. 

It won’t be very objective if only thought about the students and nothing to be felt empathetic for Universities. Right?

Further, the digital age is taking over, which would hinder the campuses and the infrastructures built for education; after all, they all have the bills waiting to be paid.

Happy News – The new in here is the brand-new Education system, which will be proven beneficial for the students from the next year. 

New online system, new techniques, new outlooks, and new educational stages are what own the word “right.”

Besides all of that around, students are still trying to find reasons to smile in their everyday lives. They are trying to learn the market skills, land up a job, and study online, submitting their assignments with whatever they understand. 

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